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  1. An extra solution I’m researching for my Model S is a loadbalancing EV-Box at 3 x 25A and uses any excess amps from home usage to deliver up to 17.2 kWh. (like EV-box)

    Do you have any experience with this?

    • No, this sounds pretty complex. Your idea is that you never go over a certain max load … the “excess amps” you talk about are the amps between the current home use and the max permtted use right?

      In general I charge after midnight as then power is cheaper. There is little load from the house so you just charge at max power then. Easy!

  2. Is this portable “wall mounted box” 🙂 a nessesity for 32A 3P charging? Mennekes (EU type 2) is not much more than 5 pole 3 phase connector with added signal and “presence” wire. It’s hard to believe that it is “okay” to have 32A flowing trough two poles (1 phase 32A charging, 1 phase and neutral carry current), but it suddenly becames “not okay” to have 3 pins flowing 32A (3 phase charging, neutral is unused due to balanced load)

    • Yes, it is necessary. You are absolutely right that Mennekes is the same but with signaling.

      I think what is intended is that we don’t handle dangerous currents too often without good protection, however workmen on building sites have been doing this for years. With all the differentials and such in modern power installations I also think it is rather stupid to worry.

      More likely is that they want such devices because in time they will want to measure and then tax power use for transport purposes. It’s sad but true.

      • Could happen… Anyway I’ve just found out that protocol used in Mennkis connector is very simple and with very little analog electronics it is possible to make own charging cable (3P 32A to Mennekis) capable of supplying full 32A. Of course it’s not an off the shelf setup, but it’s possible

      • That’s an interesting question Patrick!

        So you have a US Model S in Europe right? What you will need is the US Tesla Mobile Charger with the Nema 14-50 adapter which will allow you to charge at 240V and up to 40 Amps.

        This can be connected to the European Blue connectors that are also 240V and can go up to 32A. If you wanted I could get an adapter for this built for you, but I’d need order the NEMA 14-50 cable mounted socket from the US for this adapter.

        Let me know what you think… I’m interested to know why you asked this question 🙂

        If you wanted to go up to 40A you would likely trip the breakers on the socket, so you would only charge at 7kW, which gives you about 24 miles of charge per hour.

    • Of course. I bought it from Lug Energy in Valencia… lugenergy.com

      Just send an email to Luis (luis.cejalbo@lugenergy.com) and say that Mark gave you his contact.

      They do some nice reasonably priced wallboxes.


  3. Hi Mark,

    You said this:

    ◾3-phase 32A (32A @ 230V x 3 = 22kW) – right now gives 100kms per hour (limited to 26A by the car software) but in the future we should get 130kms per hour

    I’ve tested it today for the first time and my Model S is able to reach 32A (at least, according to the screen), not the limited 26A you mention ¿?. And that’s giving it like 95 kms per hour, so no matter what, it seems your calculations are correct. But I also though that, with 3-phase, car was able to charge @360V but it still shows 220V. You know if that’s posible?

    Thanks again!!


  4. Hi mark, congrats for the great article. According to this info, Would it be ok to buy a pre-owned model S 60 year 2012 or so and bring it to Europe (Spain). As for overnight charge I have my garage so no prom to install whatever needed, and as for charge while travelling I guess your suggestion of carrying in the car the wallmount unit is the way to go? Or to have only the wallmount unit not fix it to the garage wall and instead have it for both garage and travelling ? Any other tip for what to look for in a pre-2014 tesla 60? A sales rep warned me that unless the car has the tech pack supercharger will not work in a model 60, other tips? Thanks!

    • Hi Pedro,
      Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.
      If the car is from Norway or Switzerland or any other EU country then you should be fine with the cables and wallbox I talk about. The wallbox is great for all kinds of charging situations because you can connect it up even without an earth connection (found that out the other day!) and you can adjust the power in the car freely (until things start melting that is!). I don’t have my wallbox mounted on the wall… just plug it into a large red 5 pin socket and you can unplug it when you go on the road.

      If the car were from the USA then you would need to be very careful as it won’t take three-phase power nor will it work with the superchargers here.

      The 60kwh battery is very particular about supercharging so you need to check it has been enabled for the car. You can ask the seller but the best thing is to take it to a supercharger yourself before buying. I am not certain the tech package is relevant here as in 2012 the tech package and supercharger option were two separate choices.

      Keep me updated on things


      • Hey thanks for the tips Mark!

        BTW you might be interested to know that Tesla is in the process of opening in Spain!!! This time is for sure!!! I was few weeks with ambassador of USA and by a coincidence (…or not, because I raised the topic on purpose hehehe) he told me that they were asked by Tesla to help on the set up of the Spain entity and operation.

        I’m only waiting until summer when I expect the prices of the pre-owned T60s in USA to drop dramatically due to the many leases finishing. I actually found some cars in their website at USD44K!! but of course lasted hours only. But summer comes and more often good deals on T60 will show up (or so I hope)

        My plan is to buy online from Tesla so the car will come from US and of course having been checked by Tesla and with the extended guarantee, even though I know the extended guarantee will not apply in Spain but at least I know the car comes factory checked!


      • That certainly will be good when it happens, but I’ve survived 4 years and 150k kms without them, so no big deal 🙂

        The superchargers will eb awesome and I have confirmation from several sources that there will be 14 in Spain this year.

        I would not recommend bringing a US Tesla here… the US cars are not homologated for the EU and you will not be able to register it, and even if you could the connector for the superchargers is different in the US and you will not be able to get a cable to connect to your car even for a wallbox.

        Buy one in Norway if you want to save money, and drive it down yourself. If you buy through Tesla’s pre-owned program they will still put a 20% to 30% markup on the price. Better to buy one through a private seller.

        Good luck



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