3 comentarios el “How to Buy a Tesla in Spain

  1. Thank you for this information, I was looking and asking and FINALLY your post told me what I needed to know, thank you very much!
    How is today your opinion and experience with your Tesla regarding support/maintenance in Spain? What do you do for any repair, do you have to go to France for any repair on the Model S?
    Thank you in advance

    • Hi Pedro,
      Thanks for the feedback. What was it exactly that you found useful in my post? If you let me know I will try to add more info later.

      As for support/maintenance. Tesla are very good and the car is almost maintenance free, however when something goes wrong we generally have to ship the car to Aix en Provence, which costs quite a lot. Soon there will be a service center in Spain but exactly when is not clear. I’d still recommend buying one to anyone though. Despite having to pay transportation it cost much less to keep running than an Aston Martin (€8k per service!), is much more spacious, faster accelerating, quieter, and a big step towards fixing climate change (someone who buys an Aston Martin is definitely making it worse!).

      • Hi Mark

        Thank you very much for your answer!

        What I found most useful in your post:
        I am trying to gather info on the Tesla Model S and X for quite some time and your post is the first time I read inside and exact precision step by step info on the buying process of a Tesla in a non warranty zone. I thank you for the clear top notch info you compiled.

        The Tesla is a great great car, amazing car. I wish they had less “problems” from a non warranty zone point of view: in a normal zone they are really simple issues, the service centre in Spain would be such a relief, I say.
        Do you have any idea how many Tesla cars there are in Spain and how much that “pressures” Tesla to consider the opening of the spanish centre?
        I am seriously considering buying Tesla, most probably before the end of this year. Your info helped into shortening the time gap, I am now nearer to owning a Tesla because of you. Thank you!


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