5 comentarios el “Stage One complete, just!

  1. show that pics, it s a p 85+ signature? first in spain i m guessing? love to give it a try once u land that rocket here in spain ,
    cheers and good way home

  2. Mark, whaou… what a first stressed day! Hope now is going to be better than before…
    Please send us pictures of the car, cables etc…
    Cheers and enjoy your trip in France
    Jean (tigerjeff on TMC)

  3. Perhaps interesting for future Spanish owners wishing do this same trip:
    There are IKEA’s with charging equipment in Belgium. Probably the most suited one is the one in Ghent, it is right next to the motorway, and it s solar powered (138km from Tilburg)(https://www.google.be/maps/preview#!q=Henri+Crombezlaan%2C+Gent)

    There is another IKEA in Zaventem, which is a longer detour perhaps. ((https://www.google.be/maps/preview#!q=Ikea+zaventem)

    Also any future owners wanting to stop for lunch are welcome to eat at my place (for free) 😉
    It is 10min south from Antwerp… so if you got through the horrible traffic, I’ll be happy to provide a peaceful and relaxing stopover. (no charging yet, still need to get a 16A – 3phase plug)

    Or a great place to have eat and show off the car is at the golf club (http://www.golfclubbeveren.be/)

    • Fantastic advice. That first leg was very long and could be tricky for first time EV drivers. Also, the CDG stop had only 16A single phase charging (or 32A with the right adapter from Tesla when it finally appears).

      Better would be to follow your advice, charge at these IKEAs, and find a nice place to sleep in the North of France. Of course that makes it a slower drive down, but that’s what these trips are for… enjoying!

      I will pass your advice on, but if want to share it in the TeslaMotorsClub forum you should… people would thank you very much.



    • A friend tried to charge their Model S in Ghent today but they found the charge point there different to the ones in IKEA France.
      You need a Mennekes cable of your own, which they didn’t have (big mistake when you go on the road) and for some reason the store only had a male to male mennekes cable. The Model S is also a male connector so this cable couldn’t work. Shame.
      What cars have a female Mennekes built in?


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